VEVA IN 2008/9: Moving Forward Toward An ‘Electric’ Future





‘Moving Forward’ is a two step process aimed at enhancing social cohesion and moving the organization’s strategic plan forward.


Step 1 – the July Trout Lake Meeting


·        held in the Trout Lake south parking lot the major objective of this meeting is to assist the membership in getting to know one another and becoming more familiar with existing local electric vehicle technology

·        after an initial welcome from the President members and guests will be invited to attend brief (20 minutes) ‘get to know’ and vehicle familiarization sessions centered on the electric vehicles on site

·        each member/guest will be able to attend 3 20 minute sessions over the next hour

·        the sessions will be conducted by the vehicle owner and, if required, a member of the VEVA executive

·        the content of the session will include:

1.      introductions (each participant will be asked to introduce him/herself and briefly indicate the nature of her/his interest in electric vehicles – e.g. looking to convert; concerned about the environment; wants to purchase).

2.      vehicle familiarization talk by the owner

3.      Q & A

·   after the sessions members/guests will be invited to comment on what they 

    learned or found most interesting in the sessions


Organization Requirements:


·        a minimum of 3 and ideally 5-7 electric vehicles

·        cordoned off area with entrance for the electric vehicles

·        presentation site for the PA near the cordoned off area

·        PA system

·        Vehicle familiarization outline

·        Vehicle prospectus for each vehicle (75 copies)


          PR Announcement and Press Release Notes


           Find out who is doing what and why. Meet VEVA members with electric vehicles.

           At the next VEVA meeting to be held at beautiful Trout Lake on July 16 members

           who own electric vehicles will have them on display. Owners will give brief talks

           on the key technical features of their vehicles and welcome questions about their

           experience of ‘going electric’.


Step 2 – the September Meeting at BCIT


  • held at VEVA’s regular meeting place at the British Columbia Institute for Technology (BCIT) the objective of this meeting is to continue to develop the connectivity of the members and assure alignment with VEVA’s strategic plan
  • using an organization development process called Appreciative Inquiry, after initial introductions and regular business, the meeting will be organized in four stages
  • prior to the first stage participants will be counted off in order to establish working groups of 6 participants
  • after initial introductions members of each working group will appoint a scribe and a spokesperson
  • stage I (Discovery) – each person in the group responds to the following question: Describe a situation when you felt VEVA is doing a good job of educating the public or encouraging the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.
  • stage II (Vision) – the group discusses what it will look like when the goal of widespread adoption of electric vehicles has been achieved
  • stage III (Design) – the group identifies 3 key steps VEVA is taking or could take to achieve this goal
  • stage IV (Destiny) – the group agrees on an ‘early success’ benchmark (early success benchmarks address the following question: what is a sure sign that the organization is on its way to reaching its major goal(s)
  •  after the four stages have been completed participants reassemble in the larger group
  • each group reports its Design and Destiny findings to the larger group and the scribe hands in his/her notes to the facilitator
  • a summary of the process is posted on the VEVA web site


Organization Requirements:


·        meeting place with sufficient space and the capacity for small group work

·        PA system

·        PowerPoint availability

·        set of written instructions for small groups (100 copies)


          PR Announcement and Press Release Notes


            Chart the course to an ‘electric future’. VEVA is leading the way to an

            environmentally friendly and economically viable future.

            Facilitated by organization development consultants and VEVA members Mary

            Kean and Dr. Arden Henley participate in an exciting process called Appreciative

            Inquiry (A.I.). A.I. helps members align with the organization’s strategic plan and

            realize a shared vision for the future.