FAQs - Batteries

The answers here are based on Battery EV drivers' experiences and also culled from extensive battery information provided on sites such as http://www.uuhome.de/william.darden. and http://www.pacificpowerbatteries.com/aboutbatts/Car%20Battery%20FAQ/carfaq7.html Sulfation and storing of batteries is discussed here.

Q: How do I determine how much battery pack to build into my EV?
A: It's all about how much energy your vehicle uses. Major factors affecting vehicles of all fuel types are:

For lead-acid technology use the following table as a guideline:

Percent of Vehicle Weight 25% 33% 50%
Practical Range (km) 50 70 100

For all battery chemistries use the following guideline to estimate all-electric range for a typical small battery electric car or stock hybrid to plug-hybrid conversion. Count on getting 5 to 8 km per kWh depending on traffic conditions, speed and driving style.

Range per Charge (km) 25 50 100 150
Required kWh 5 10 20 30