VEVA Members and Friends

We are at a unique moment in Canadian politics. Climate change and the environment are major issues on both the Federal and Provincial scenes. This is a window of time that will not last; now is the time to raise the electric car into political discussion.

There may be a federal election within a year. Ideally, it would be beneficial for the different federal parties to try to out bid one another around supporting policies for the environment and for supporting the introduction of electric cars. But to achieve this we need to get electric vehicles on the radar of politicians and the news media.

On this page is a sample letter that you may use as a model for writing your own letter. Here it is in RTF format which can be read by Word and other document programs.

A letter is better than e-mail. A hand written letter is better than a computer typed letter, but anything is better than nothing, do what you feel is appropriate for you. A letter to your MP in Ottawa is free, no stamp required. Please carbon copy (cc:) Stephen Harper our Prime Minister, no stamp required. Let him know you are concerned.

In the next couple of months the VEVA Executive will move to request that the federal government support the introduction of electric cars. The VEVA Executive will offer to meet with government representatives for discussions and present our views on why electric cars are needed for any serious attempts to control carbon dioxide emissions. We have done this in response to the City of Vancouver who is now cooperating with us in targeted efforts.

Please write your MP and cc: Stephen Harper.

You can use your Postal Code to find your MP here.

On the BC Provincial scene the recent Throne Speech is a major step in the right direction to address climate change. However battery powered electric cars were overlooked, where hydrogen power is still on the agenda. The same simple letter with minor modifications could be sent to your MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) and cc: Gordon Campbell - Premier of BC. Letters to the BC Legislature require a $0.52 stamp, (think of this as an investment - so there is a future). The letter needs to be addressed as follows;

Parliament Buildings
Victoria, BC
V8V 1X4

You can use this link to find your BC Government MLA

The time is NOW, please write.

- Rob Shaw