Spirit of DC

Oct 3rd, 2008

VEVA members and EV enthusiasts were excited to welcome Jerry Asher on his cross country tour dubbed PHEV3A: Plug In Hybrid Vehicle All Across America

Driving a converted Toyota Prius, Jerry's goal is to drive 10,000kms in 100 days topromote a 100 MPG commuter car. Using an additional battery pack, Jerry's Prius is able to achieve an all electric range of 15 Km between charges on a regular household 110V outlet. This same PHEV kit is currently available to the public at a reasonable cost of under $5000, and longer range options are also available.

Jerry has visited 33 state capitals during his tour, and his Prius is now adorned with Electric Auto Associations badges from all over North America, including VEVA, the local Vancouver EV Association. Jerry and Don Chandler, the president of VEVA, are shown applying the VEVA decal and officially adding VEVA to the PHEV3A tour's supporters.

The event was proudly hosted by Terra2 Imports (, a local resource for transportation alternatives. Several EVs were in attendance, including factory built Electric Vehicles from E-SUV and local converted EVs, as well as an EV conversion of a Nisan 240SX in progress and alternative options imported from around the world, such as the retro styled Nissan Figaro (curb weight is just 810 kg!).



Gerry Martselos