About this site

This site is structured as a traditional newspaper-style multi-column front page with auxilliary information and reference pages accessed from the menus.

The articles are stored as date-stamped articles in a database and updated through a web-based custom content management system. Articles are categorized into news of local, featured or non-local interest. Most articles link to the original story in another publication, as this site functions as a sort of "content aggregator".

Important stories are deemed "sticky", with both a sticky expiry date and an overall expiry date. If you wish to retreive a previously published story complete with original link, please make a request to the webmaster.

Although the front page content comes from a database, as many sites do these days, it may be noted that the page loads almost instantly. This is because the content for the day is already in text and image files and the HTML presentation is built on-the-fly from those text files for each visitor. The content is changed every day (except for the sticky stories) to keep the page fresh.

Other content, such as the feature image, quotes, etc are changed either every minute or every page load. RSS from Twitter and other news sources are virtually in real-time.