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July 2nd 2014
13 EV Enthusiasts turned out for our Cake & Desert night in celebration of our 30th meeting. We Celebrate two seniors who joined us for the first time. The oldest being 84 year old Brian Fox who was the first to go out for ride on his machine showing us all up. Well done Brian. He comes from a Motorcycle background and is looking for an electric Trike design well sooted to seniors that is road worthy and legal. Our thanks to Craig and Julian Sale for taking people out for EV rides. We welcome Julian who signed up to be a member. Total EV's out, 2 Moped scooters, 2 EV's and 5 ebikes. The Pedego eBike shop opened it's doors in Oak Bay and is a model for a number of stored planned to open in Canada.
June 4th 2014
This was to be a design forum night but presenter turnout was light. We did get two EV conversions out, both highly representative of conversion EV design approaches. Our thanks to the two Craigs for bringing their Mazda RX7 & Honda Del Sol conversions.

Topics included drive train issues for vehicle conversions such as whether or not clutches & transmissions are needed and appropriate for conversions. Craig C. presented has lastest Torque converter prototype and called for feedback & suggestions. Our thanks to the 6 members and guests that dropped in to share ideas and wants. Craig found two level 1 (120V) outlets in addition to the Ebike outlets at the North and South end of the facilities. Bring a minimum of 75ft of cord if you wish to use those outlets.

May 7th 2014
Bit of a slow start to tonights meeting. Two new guests (Kim & Tom) were at Cedar Hill on time and we met at the Level 2 charging station (Which was being used by a Red Leaf). Throughout the night both had good questions about EV Conversions and the various possibilities and practicalities of doing them. Around 8pm several regular attendees showed up and discussions evolved towards current EV events and electric bike projects. Brian, and Bob are both busy with eBike projects at this time. Bob is working on a tack welder to repair a LiFe battery pack. He's doing with advise from the manufacturer. Brians efforts with Reynolds High School are evolving.
Apr 2nd 2014
Our first meeting in Saanich at Cedar Hill Rec Ctr. eHog Dave & I rode up from DQ on Douglas at 7pm to the new location. Six people total present including newbee Andrew who previously attended VEVA meetings in Vancouver. This was a night for talking, testing and exploring several Two wheel eBikes from the three of us that rode there with them. There were no Electric Cars attending but Cedar Hill has space for two electric cars at it's Level 2 SAE charging station , WITH FREE ELECTRICITY! We hope to see more EV's of all kinds at this site where we'll be based for the near future. I will continue to rally at DQ prior to future meetings to catch all those who have visited us and expect us to be there the first Wed of each month.
Mar 5th 2014
Regular meeting at DQ. Roundup on activities relating to CEV4BC funding call. A guest of Eric's talked about electric train engines in use at the Saanich Historic Society Railway. Six people total present.
Feb 5th 2014
Post Hockey EV night discussions. Regular round table discussions on EVs including interesting feedback from Toivo on EV usage on the island of Hawaii. Craig C. has started a green energy club. Our visitor Gus described ideas he had for low speed EV's to help with morning newspaper delivery runs.
Jan 31st 2014
VEVA Islands had a table at the Victoria Leaf Club's Return of the Electric Car event at Save on Foods Memorial Arena during a Royal Hockey game. The desk was staffed by Eric, Craig & Cam. There were a large number of EV and green energy participants at the event. The Leaf Club and the Royals hope to make it an Annual event.
Jan 8th 2014
Regular meeting. Included discusions on the Royals Hockey EV night. Also attending were two wheel enthusiasts Dave & Bernhardt who joined VEVA. Welcome onboard gents.
Dec 4th 2013
Craig, Eric, Cam and Fred meet new EV enthusiasts Thomas (the first Segway buyer in Canada) and Videographer Jim Henshaw. We heard about the Return of the Electric Car theme night at the upcoming Jan 31st Royals Game. A Battery EV parade and chance for Marty to ride a special EV is planned.. Should be some world premier happenings at that night.
Nov 6th 2013
Yes we had a meeting. Dave Campbell brought his motorcycle conversion and we talked e-shop a lot as usual. He did a great job on his conversion.
Oct 2nd 2013
Our thanks to Craig Carmichael and Turquoise Energy for hosting out meeting.. Six of use had a round table discussion on all things going on in our EV worlds and then we had a tour of Craig's various work rooms followed by some snacks.
Aug 7th 2013
Summer roundup at the DQ. Brian, Eric & I talked EV Shop. Thanks for the ebike tester Brian. I think it can prove it's worth with some training..
July 3rd 2013
June 5th 2013
Ride to the Music Night Leaving from the DQ around 7pm

Another small turnout of 4 members and 1 guest but all were keen. At the suggestion of Geoff Hall we rode to UVic and took in the Buffie St Marie concert. After the concert we met at the Macpherson fountain and talked about whats going well and poorly in BC's EV Scene.

May 1st 2013
Wed Meeting night at DQ

Small turnout tonight of 4 members and 1 guest but all were very keen. Craig showed his home built rack system for NiMH D cells and showed the SBC he's chosen for his battery monitor. We added another site to Craig S. brought his gorgeous Honda Delsol and took us all for a ride one at a time. Bob went and captured a photo of the ebike plugin spot at Victoria's Fisgard Parkade (now on Plugshare). Cam did a demo on Grin Tech's Cycle Analyst and did a promo for increasing interest in

We talked about the sensibility of moving to another site (with pluggins ) for monthly meetings. Cam's thought is we should hold a group vote on locations. VEVA brass hint funding is available to pay for a meeting room. Another announcement 3 pt motors have sold all their smart electrics brought in last week. Our guest Tom with his fancy scooter intends to add Bluetooth speaker enabled Mirrors to his scooter to improve his road noise safety factor.

Apr 3 2013
Wed Meeting night at DQ

Jason showed up with his Chevy Malibu for roundup at 7:15pm along with Craig and Bryan and students from Royal Roads environmental science program . The meeting commenced around 7:30pm.

Four members and 8 guests were present. After introductions and announcements Holly Booker discussed the students project which is focused at comparing PV for EV to ICE vehicle emissions in Colwood. Cam reported on CCIF public charging station startup in Victoria (see and on the CEV for BC program which has been extended to March 31st 2014. According to there remains funding available for as many as 800 new EV's in BC.

Late in the meeting 2 new guests showed up. Garth and Garret have Lithium based motor bikes and brought them by for a show and tell. Garth's is a 48V home rebuilt eScooter and Garrets is a 60V Ninja Motor bike hosting a home built hub motor and home built (500Amp) controller. And yes his Ninja has been inspected and approved prior to being insured.

Mar 6 2013
Wed Meeting night

There was no roundup. The meeting commenced a little before 7:30pm. Four members and four guests were present. Our thanks to guests Corinne & Michael of Segway Victoria for their visit and for updating us wrt their products and tour plans for 2013. Despite strong winds, Craig's launch of his outboard EV motor boat was a success in February. I as organizer provided an update on the CEV for BC program which ends March 31st. According to there remains funding available for as many as 500 new EV's in BC if that many buyers can be found this month. A new EV (from Smart) is due this month, hopefuly inventory and sales will close before the program ends.

Aloysius Tank has taken employment outside Victoria starting this month. Earth Days at St Mary's Apr 20 & 21 in Victoria remains our next event, with Nicole Tank taking on Al's organizing and info sharing task for the event. Geoff Hall has volunteered to take over Al's event organizing work down the road.

Charging infrastructure,, use of peltier elements as heat pumps and generators were discussed. Legality and rights issues for light and specialty EV's and bikes also factored big in discussions. The group was also briefed on BCSEA Cargo Bike Webinar that took place Mar 5th.

Feb 6 2013
Wed Meeting night

The meeting commenced around 7:30pm. Seven members including 3 guest were present. Our thanks to guest Brendan for bringing his Velobike and to Craig for demonstrating his outboard motor and guest Larry for attending all the way from Toronto.

Introductions, then events items were brought forward by Al Tank. Aside from meetings ours first event of 2013 will be a roundup and info booth for Earth Days at St Mary's Apr 20 & 21 in Victoria.

Charging infrastructure, membership, meeting locations and other issues were discussed. Contact Cam, Heather (Membership) or Al (Events) for other details on happenings.

Jan 9 2013
Wed Meeting night

Note: JAN 2 2013 Date Deferred to Jan 9th due to Holidays

Regular Roundup (6:45) followed by an inside Meeting. (Jeff was the only show for roundup time this time around. Sorry Jeff)

The meeting commenced around 7:30pm. Six people were present for the meeting. Our thanks to Jeff and John who visited the meeting on ebike and by electric car (John) from Duncan with Reed, his guest who owns a 2004 Prius.

Craig brought a motor, a battery and a mockup of an ebike motor concept he is working on and we had lots of discussions about the materials he's working with in his inventions. Reed is interested in exploring what to do with his Prius when it's time to renew the cars battery pack. John makes the commute from Duncan to Nanaimo on a regular basis with his Solectra which has been upgraded with lithium batteries.

Much of the meeting evolved around ideas for events or activities in 2013. Entering into the Mayday Parade seemed to have broad appeal, but many other ideas were discussed, including another EV Showcase, a Rally and an eBike commute challenge. No event decision was made.

Dec 5 2012
Nov 7 2012
Wed Meeting night

Regular Roundup (6:45) followed by an inside Meeting. Some high end 2 wheel Scooters, EV's and several eBikes came. There wasn't much ride sharing or testing that happened. It was mostly talk and show and tell in the parking lot.

The meeting commenced around 7:30pm. 9 People showed up. Among several items in discussion was the issue of unlicensed scooter operations when pedals are not being used and are merely in place for MAC eBike compliance.

Oct 3rd 2012
Wed Meeting night

5 pm Ride Night Report. It was a small turnout for the 5pm Ride, but none the less we toured to Victoria High School to see the school's Chevy S10 Conversion. It is a slick looking ride and is an ongoing work in progress. In many ways part of the Auto Shops program to give students an idea of what the Auto industry future may look like. Aside from the CANEV conversion kit and Zilla Controller in place the truck as has no door handles. It is equipped with a keyless entry system. The truck is usually in the auto shop and can be seen by visiting the facility. Be sure to check in at the Office during school hours. Or you can just peer in a shop window and look for the very cool looking Orange truck. We also visited Jeff's shop in Oak Bay to assess the area as a possible place for wet weather roundups.

The meeting commenced around 7:30pm. 4 members and 1 guest attended. Most of the talk was about Lithium batteries going into member conversions. Our guest also has Lithium batteries for his conversion. Good stories were shared about introducing new drivers to the world of electric vehicle operation. Heather updated us on her project to create a corporate level membership type for VEVA.

It is also significant in September that Craig Carmichael presented his Brushless homebuilt EV Motor at the BCIT VEVA Meeting. We await a report from Craig on the event. You can also see Craig's work by Googling Turquoise Energy, Victoria BC.

Sep 5th 2012
Wed Meeting night

This was the 1st meeting I can recall that didn't have an electric car or truck attending. The roundup commenced with a show and tell and then a trip to Esquimalt to see a 1981 Mazda RX7 conversion recently acquired by Jim Harrington of AGO Environmental Electronics . The conversion was simplistic and efficient. The car is for sale since it's owner has acquired a Mitsubishi iMIEV.

The meeting commenced around 7:45pm. 6 members and 3 guests attended. The Membership desk opened at 8:15pm and thanks to Bob Jeffs, our membership increased by one. Bob is on his second eBike , and in fact I counted 5 or 6 ebikes which I think is a record for VEVA Islands meetings. Brian reported acquiring a spoke threader, and Geoff gave us info and feedback on the Basetti eBikes he's acquired from California.

Craig provided a video on his Chevy Sprinter equipped with his brushless home built motor kit and ongoing work on a torque converter to help get the car mobile.

Our Chapter had it's first Electric Boat appear at a meeting, courtesy of Arnold Mccutcheon, an eBike user and RC Model Boat Designer. He showed us one of his designs, a Batteryless, Rudderless Solar powered electric RC boat that has full remote steerage and does not use a propeller. The craft is just one of 35 model boats he has built. Arnold is part of an RC Boat Group that meets Wed mornings at Langford Lake boat ramp in the Capital Region's Western Communities.

One participant mentioned Electric Boat enthusiasts might consider a electric Boat tour next time they visit Butchart Gardens. See Eco Friendly Boat Tour

The Meeting ajourned after Cam failed to demonstrate access to VEVA's Memberbase member directory due to an access or password issue.

Aug 1st 2012
July 4th 2012
Wed Meeting night

Our July 4th meeting was preceded by a press rally at 3pm by announcing Victoria's third Level 2 Charging Station in the Hotel Grand Pacific parkade. A reminder email to VEVA Members also helped increase awareness of our meeting which was attended by 11 people, 2 EV's, a Conversion car in progress, 3 ebikes, and a mobility Scooter.

Thanks to the EVLIST email the group had active VEVA members attend who've yet to come to a meeting. We also welcome Geoff Hall who signed on as new member.

At 7:45 the meeting commenced and attendees introduced themselves. Issues of EV advocacy, community engagement and small business opportunity were prevelant as well as several matters relating to science and technology relevant to EV's, Hybrids, and reduced emissions (HOH -> ICE). A variety of Events were also discussed. The major event being the Aug 2 to 8 birthday tour of VEVA's 1912 Anderson Electric car (known as the Detroit).

Our thanks to VEVA member Marlaina Elliott for taking minutes of the meeting. Detailed Minutes are available by contacting Marlaina or Cam thru the VEVA Membership list.

June 6th 2012
Wed Meeting night

We had several eBikes and ebike enthusiasts and guests show up at this event. Times Colonist Driving Journalist and Teacher Steve Wallace of Wallace Driving School came by with one of his Prius training vehicles. We are anxious to hear if and how he teaches fuel efficient or low emissions driving techniques to students, but we'll have to wait for future meetings or articles in the TC for that.

Our other guest was Shane, eBike mechanic from Fairfield Cycles who showed up with a Bionx Toba and an extracycle bike converted with a long range Bionx kit.

At 7:30 our regular gang of about 7 members conducted our normal think tank session related to options and the future of emmissionless transport. Discussions on the Detroit visit were tabled until the next meeting.

May 2nd 2012
Wed Meeting night

Thanks to all that showed up. EV's included John's Solectra driven down from Duncan area, 3 Point Motors, Tanya with Mercedes Canada's eSmart Prototype (one of only 2 in Canada), and Fred with his Nissan Leaf. We also had Brian with yet another very fast eBike along with Cam who brought a Shop Rider Scooter that is for sale. A Prius owner also attended as well as Craig with his Toyota Tercel which is planned for hybrid conversion.

Our Meeting started at 8pm, after we had eaten. It was mostly about events including the planned August Detroit Visit and the Fred's Nissan club weekly ride to which other EV's were invited to tail along. The LEAF group rides start at the Oak Bay Marina and departs from there after members have brunch. Contact Fred in memberbase or on Plugshare for more info.

There remains interest in the group to get the Detroit over to Victoria for at least a one week visit from Aug 1st to 7th. The schedule to include the cars presence at Victoria's 150th birthday party at Centenial Square on Aug 2nd and the Oak Bay Antique Auto roundup on Sunday August 5th. Ken Agate is principal organizer of the Oak Bay event.

Unfortunately, VEVA Islands, events volunteer Aloysius was unable to attend this meeting. But he is busy composing letters and getting support from the Empress Hotel and Oak Bay to help support the Detroit's visit.

Apr 18, 2012
Wed Meeting night

#1 Detroit Electric visit schedule discusion and preparation for proposal to VEVA Detroit Committee. Nomination of VEVA Islands Member to Committee.

Aloysius Tank has agreed to be responible for the Detroit visit and liason with the Detroit committee.

#2 A Motion, Disussion & Vote to change our meeting date to the first Wed of each month.


#3 Charging and Provincial CCI Fund presentation. A handout was circulated and is available.

Mar 21, 2012
Wed Meeting night

Tanya Blake, of Three Point Motors brought a eSmart Prototype for attendees to experience and test drive. Victoria has a high concentration of Smart cars and Mercedes have created a $200 Refundable vehicle reservation deposit list to prioritize shipping allocations to buyers after production has started.

Larry Danby brought his 2012 Mitusbishi iMIEV for a show and tell and Cam Rawlinson brought his 2003 Dual Sport eBike equipped with Cycle Analyst also for show and tell.

We also signed up some new members Craig & Brian, bringing us over the drive for 25 target set in Dec 2011.

Feb 15, 2012
Wed Meeting night

7 People showed up. Our thanks to new Volt owners Brian and Peter who gave us all rides and did a show and tell on their Fully Showroom equipped Car. Impressive features were the Backup Cam and parking assistance technology. Since taking delivery in December they have yet to put gasoline in their car. They use a applet on their phone to look for EV charge points

Craig Carmichael of Turquoise Energy brought a prototype Nickel Zinc Perf plastic home made battery for us to see.

We had hoped to see Segway Victoria at the meeting.. Maybe next month. We have a good parking lot to try all kinds of EV's.

January 18, 2012
Wed Meeting night

Amongst a backdrop of Ice Cream and 12cm of snow, nine people attended the inaugural meeting of VEVAís Islands Chapter on Jan 18th occurring in parallel with VEVAís monthly BCIT meeting.

It was a broad mix of people. Attendees included members interested in cars, owners of electric tractors and ebikes and those reflective of the advocacy side of emission-less transportation. Discussion prevailed thru ought the meeting on issues and interests of attendees and of VEVAís purpose and the benefit of an Island Chapter .

The conclusion was a Chapter will be beneficial to promotion of EVís and Electric Transportation consistent with the Associations purpose and with a focus to members who may not find travel to Vancouver economical or practical. Meetings will provide.

  • A chance to network about EVís and EV Transportation
  • Be a hub where access to BCIT presentations could be viewed and discussed either in real time or from VEVAís meeting archive
  • A chance for members and visitors to Show and Tell EVís and electric motive related things.
  • An opportunity for learning, organizing and showing support for Electric Propulsion in that it is clean, quiet and can be highly efficient.

Islands Chapter Volunteers for 2013

Cam Rawlinson Chair (Technical / Meetings / Light EV's) Cam at Mob (250)8883260

Heather Clarry Membership Coordinator

Geoff Hall (Events) Info at

Were looking for more volunteers.. "Islands Advocacy" "EV Consumer Group Chair"

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