Charging Infrastructure

Spring 2009 - International Committee Activities for Standards on Charging Infrastructure

After some name googling on who's who and is involved with the SAE J1772 standards committee for EV charging, I found that Yazaki is giving a report next week to the committe on design considerations. Yazaki make lots of automotive connectors. There is also current discussion on Level 3 fast charging plug designs. They have a very different connector than the old J1772 standard that was popular on the Ford Ranger EV. The ongoing debate within this committee will have impact on the final cordset for charging to be adopted by most OEM automakers. Deliberations apparently are expected to conclude by March 2010. The J1772 committee deliberations are closed discussion, but by looking at who the committee members are and the companies they are with and their backgrounds and interests and other papers published some implications are apparent. It appears that deliberations are far from complete. An attempt at international standardizations is going on. A new plug may be in the works. 220V / 32A is a driver from Europe. It seems all the right players are at the table.

- Don Chandler

Also the secretarty of the IEC T69 committee Peter Van Den Bossche had these papers of interest on his website: Related current standards:
  • IEC TC69
  • ISO TC22 SC21 [45]
  • SAE J1772
  • National Electric Code
  • Canadian Electric Code Part 1 Section 86 and Part 2 for chargers.
  • UL
and an aside:

2011 - Useful Links

Now that the J1772 is a North Amercican Level 2 EVSE Standard, here are some resources:
  • VEVA Member Mike Schuler has an advanced EVSE with adaptive load control on a single circuit
  • supplies EVSE parts and monitoring electronics