Member Projects

VEVA Member Projects

VEVA's First Conversion Course was held at Canadian Electric Vehicles in January 2008. Over two weekends and with 8 pairs of hands helping, the purple GMC Sonoma shortbed lost its engine and got a new 9" motor, new pack of 26 US-125 6 volt 230AH batteries, Zilla 1K controller and PFC-20 charger. Its range is about 80 km on the backroads, somewhat less on the freeway and the city. VEVA President Don Chandler is the proud new owner of the truck and he says it feels good to not have to buy gas!

A camera crew from Knowledge Network shot a whole lot of footage at our course! View the documentary video called Driving Change here

Jan Engstrom's Trike Jan Engstrom of Team Engstron-Kronstein showed his trike creation (minus body) at REV!2004. Specs: 7.5' long x 4' wide, 640 lbs curb weight, 72 volts and 400 amps yields a peak power of 28kW (equivalent to a 60 HP engine in city driving).

Other Projects

You can build a J1772 interface to your EV that requires only some platic pipe fittings from Home Depot and a few electronic parts!