About VEVA

VEVA was registered Feb 1, 1988 under the Societies Act of British Columbia as a Non-Profit Organization that promotes the use of Battery Powered Electric Vehicles. While our membership is drawn largely from the lower mainland we have members from all over BC as well as other provinces and states. Many of our members have built electric vehicles including passenger cars and bicycles. We meet monthly to discuss current events, projects under development and to plan for various events which we attend each year promoting the concepts of Electric Vehicles.

VEVA meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM (July and August excluded), at various locations. VEVA is open to membership by any individual or organization.

A one-year membership is only $25, ($10 for students enrolled in a full-time program).

Veva's Article of Incorporation States:

"The purpose of the Society is to promote and develope a general interest in the use of electric vehicle transportation as an alternative to the internal combustion engine. Electric propulsion is environmentally superior to alternative fuels such as natural gas, propane, gasolines, etc. in that it is clean, quiet, and more efficient.

The society will be a non-profit organization, will hold regular meetings to expand the knowledge of its members and will identify and pursue club projects that will encourage public acceptance of the Electric Vehicle for both Urban and Medical applications.

Electric Vehicle Rallys and Parades will be organized for local, national, and international participation. Participation in Electrical Trade Shows with Exhibits and information booths is also anticipated."


The bylaws of the Society are those set out in Schedule B of the Society act, with the following additions:

Addition 63
The fiscal year of the Association shall run from January 1st do the following December 31st, both dates inclusive.

Addition 64
The Association shall have no political affiliation whatsoever and shall not be connected directly or indirectly with any political party.

Addition 65 (dissolution clause, May 11, 1993)
On the winding up or dissolution of the Association, and after all debts are paid, or provision for payment shall be made, the assets of the Association then remaining shall be sold, distributed, transferred or delivered to such Charitable Institutions, as the executive and the association member shall resolve and approved by special resolution.

VEVA Policies (formed ca. 2010)

VEVA is a chapter of the Electric Automobile Association

Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association
c/o 2021 Panorama Dr
North Vancouver BC
V7G 1V2
Advertising Policy

VEVA does not specifically endorse the products or services of advertisers contained within our website or our newsletters. We are not a certifying agency, and do not test or verify the claims of product manufacturers or service providers that advertise within our website or our newsletters.

VEVA will provide advertising in the form of rotating banner ads to entities which hold active corporate membership status. Banner ads must be a maximum of 740 pixels wide by 60 pixels high and must be displayable on a white background. Questionable content or distracting animations may be disallowed. Please contact the webmaster for further details.

  Where are our members located? All over as you can see!