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About Hybrids thanks to Rachel Miller and the kids at the summer Eco Friendly World 2012 workshop for these links

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Plug in Hybrids heading for 100+ mpg US


The Most Suitable Batteries for EVs


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Which fuel/engine alternatives maximize fuel economy and pollute the least?


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  • Surplus Center
  • Raeside Equipment Ltd. power transmsission hardware bearings, gears, belts, pulleys, sprockets. 94 Glacier St Coquitlam and other BC locations

EVs and the Government

  • Kit Cars in Canada Transport Canada Kit Car Regulations FAQ)

  • About Air Care and Battery Electric Vehicles

    Owners of pure electric conversions quite often complain of being sent notices that their vehicle's fuel code has been set back to Gas from Electric.

    Mr. Peter Hill, the Manager at Program Policy at Pacific Vehicle Testing Technologies (an operating subsidiary of TransLink) says there's no cause for alarm. EV owners will certainly receive a boilerplate letter from ICBC Vehicle Registration Support about their fuel code getting set back to Gas. If this is the case, simply give him a call at 435 7664 or contact him at and he will correct your record. Don't wait until the last minute though, or it might be more difficult.

    This is their procedure to weed out keying errors and Air Care cheaters. Twice a year, for those "E" vehicles licensed on April 30 and September 30, they automatically generate the letters and wait for responses.

    There are about 30 "E"s registered each year. Of these, half a dozen are keying errors by Autoplan agents, and a dozen are people who state that they are running electric in order to avoid Air Care testing. There are about 10 or 12 genuine electrics licensed each year, and many are not insured year round.

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The National Electric Drag Racing Association
Our photos from the 1999 and 2000 Woodburn, Oregon events 
Article from the Summer 2002 Holiday Inn Magazine submitted by member Martin Jackson 

Battery University More than you really need to know. And an 1929 battery industry publication, detailing the construction and reconstruction of lead acid batteries is now out of copyright and has been converted to HTML. Contact VEVA for a copy!

What are greenhouse gases? Notes from the Suzuki Foundation.
On December 10, 2002, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien ratified the Kyoto Protocol. Read about it here

Do you have an electric vehicle and need to make a longer trip? Batteries low and you need to make that extra trip now? Can't justify buying, insuring and maintaining a backup gas vehicle?

If you live in Vancouver west of Nanaimo and east of Dunbar, north of 16th all the way into the West End, try the non profit Co operative Auto Network with 160 well maintained vehicles at your disposal.

The average member pays $75 a month. EV owners' probably will pay much less because these will be their auxilliary vehicles.

Co operative Auto Network
205 470 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 1V5
phone (604) 685 1393
fax (604) 685 1353