The REV Report

Another great display of electric vehicles for 2008! A half dozen new builds surfaced, ranging from clean home conversions to internationally respected professional conversions. Media crews from several local TV stations spent several hours interviewing VEVA members who talked about their electric cars.

This year's event was held at Burnaby's rugby field parking lots near Kensington and Sprott avenues. The City of Burnaby supported the event and provided local advertising, the parking area and added (just for us) a special 100 amp 240 volt service in the neighboring clubhouse. Thanks to VEVA member Dave Koehn, the custodian of the VEVA charging trailer, who worked with City of Burnaby electricians to rewire the rugby clubhouse to provide charging for up to twenty cars.

Thanks go also to all the volunteers from several committees: Don Chandler for procuring the site, Jan Engstrom who coordinated the event, John Stonier who did the press releases, Ron Burton, Alan Cumberlidge and Haakon McCallum wrangled the Detroit. Ashton Sheppard was able to get BCAA Roadside Service to donate free towing. Robert Shaw provided a huge amount of support in terms of time and infrastructure. John Foster was a going concern in the membership booth. Julie Koehn, Evelyn J. Dyck and Lawrence Harris provided information center support. Thanks to Hakkon and Peter who did a very complete BBQ dinner for the group. Lunch was provided by a tube steak vendor who was made happily busy.

Randy Holmquist (Canadian Electric Vehicles) from Errington, BC on Vancouver Island trailered in a Might-Etruck due to be delivered to UBC. This will be their ninth vehicle of this type.

Thanks go to the hundreds of attendees this year for whom we put on the show. Special mention goes to the couple from Ottawa and to the family from the middle of Washington State. Both groups travelled specifically to attend the event!

And thanks to the two dozen (maybe even three dozen) exhibitors who brought in their cars, bikes, trikes, karts and various odd EV creations to show the world.

VEVA invites you to come see and experience electric vehicles at our events. You will see that there is a guilt-free and affordable solution to the increasingly guilt-ridden and expensive activity of daily travel. EVs when charged from 100% hydro power very likely produce less CO2 than public transit!

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Photos by Dave Barnaby
Photos by Gordon Wong
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Photos by Dave of SEVA

John Stonier, VEVA Spokesperson on the
CBC The National News, Monday June 9th, 2008