REV!2009 - the Show

The REV Report

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Another great display of electric vehicles for 2009!

Hundreds of attendees came out to see the very practical and fascinating EV creations. A half dozen new 4-wheeled builds surfaced that showed great ingenuity on the part of the builder. There were more bike and recumbent builds than car builds this year.

There was a tremendous variety of EVs and very high interaction this year, especially in the PET (personal electric transportation) area. Dozens of eBikes, scooters, mini and motocross bikes, karts and skateboards were everywhere.

A record amount of Riding (the R in REV) was done this year, with an average of three vehicles running on one of the two designated tracks at any given moment.

There were a more than a dozen new entries representing companies and organizations that specialize in energy and/or transportation. These included:

This year's event was held again at the Burnaby Sports Complex parking lot near Kensington and Sprott avenues near the tennis courts. Thanks goes to the City of Burnaby which supported the event and provided local advertising, the display area and the special 100 amp 240 volt service in the neighboring clubhouse.

Thanks goes to the 40+ exhibitors who brought in their cars, bikes, trikes, karts and various odd EV creations to show. Randy Holmquist from Errington BC, trailered in a Might-Etruck.

Thanks go once again to VEVA member Dave Koehn, for the VEVA charging trailer setup. Thanks go also to all the volunteers from several committees: Vincent Law who coordinated the event, John Stonier who did the press releases and car registrations, Gordon Wong who did the online pregistration, Ron Burton and Alan Cumberlidge who wrangled the Detroit, Walter Wardrop for supplying the traffic controls, Laura Thomson for taking care of Buttercup's new decals, Patrick Mark provided Volunteer Badges, Robert Shaw provided some tables, John Foster did new member registrations and coordinated the Children's Area, Julie Koehn and Evelyn J. Dyck staffed the information/membership booth, Lawrence Harris and the Scouts provided a great food booth, Hakkon and Peter again provided a complete BBQ dinner for the group.

VEVA invites you to come see and experience electric vehicles at our events. You will see that there is a guilt-free and affordable solution to the increasingly guilt-ridden and expensive activity of daily travel. EVs when charged from 100% hydro power very likely produce less CO2 than public transit!